Important rivers in Thailand

Rivers in Thailand: The country is known for its numerous rivers, which play an important role in the ecosystem and the Thai economy. The longest and most famous river in Thailand is the Chao Phraya, which flows through Bangkok and empties into the Gulf of Thailand.

Other major rivers in Thailand include the Mekong, which forms the border with Laos and Myanmar, and the Mun and Nan rivers. The rivers of Thailand not only play an important role for fishing and agriculture, tourism has also become an important part. A wide range of activities are offered to foreign tourists, from the floating markets and river trips to water sports such as rafting and canoe tours. And along the rivers there are also numerous other sights, including numerous temples and palaces.

Rivers in Thailand

  • Mekong
  • Mun
  • Nan
  • Chao Phraya
  • Tha Chin
  • Yom
  • Lam Takhong
  • Ping
  • Wang
  • Tapi
  • Bang Pakong
  • Mae Klong
  • Mae Nam Pa Sak
  • Khwae Yai
  • Pattani
  • Mae Nam Chi
  • Mae Nam Songkhram
  • Phetchaburi
  • Mae Nam Wang
  • Mae Nam Khong
  • Mae Nam Tapi
  • Phum Duang
  • Sai
  • Bang Li
  • Loei
  • Pachin
  • Palian
  • Nakhon Nayok
  • Prachin Buri
  • Phetchabun

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