Thailand 2023 Prices and changes for living and vacationing in Thailand: This is how expensive Thailand will be in 2023 in terms of accommodation and living expenses for emigrants and vacationers.

Practically everything is becoming more expensive in Western Europe at the moment. Inflation is at its highest level in decades. Many of us, especially the younger ones, have never experienced such a sharp increase in prices in our lives. The important question is: What is the current situation in Thailand in 2023 in terms of prices that expats and holidaymakers alike can incur? What about the price development in Thailand in 2023 for Thailand vacationers in terms of costs for accommodation, excursions and the prices for food and drink, for example when visiting a restaurant or bar? For emigrants and of course everyone who is planning to emigrate to Thailand in 2023, the focus is understandably on the cost of living. Because especially with a tightly calculated budget for life in Thailand, you have to take a very close look and calculate whether the plan to emigrate to Thailand is still possible from a financial point of view and in which areas you may have to be prepared for significantly increased costs. In general, one can also say that living and vacationing on the islands tends to be a little more expensive than on the mainland. Of course, that always depends on the island or the city or town.

Shuttle Bus Nathon Pier Ko Samui

Shuttle Bus Nathon Pier Ko Samui

Thailand 2023 prices and cost of living

The following videos give a good overview of the current situation in Thailand in various regions, including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui. Emigrants and holidaymakers report here on prices, the cost of living and changes compared to previous years.

Videos: Prices and costs for expats and vacationers in Thailand in 2023