Due when entering Thailand by plane: Thailand is expected to introduce a tourist tax from mid-2023. The Tourist Arrival Fee could come from June 1, 2023.

The fact that Thailand is planning a tourist tax is not really new. The government already had corresponding plans before the corona pandemic. Covid-19 has only slightly delayed the introduction of the tourist tax. And that the Thai government did not introduce the new tourist tax directly in the course of opening up to international tourists is also quite understandable. On the other hand, this is only a small fee of less than 8.50 euros per passenger.

300 Baht Tourist Arrival Fee for passengers arriving in Thailand

Accordingly, the new tourist tax will be 300 baht (about 8.35 euros) per passenger and applies to passengers who are longer than 24 hours in Thailand. According to the Ministry of Tourism, however, there will also be exceptions, for example those who enter Thailand with a work visa do not have to pay the Tourist Arrival Fee. Which makes sense, because for foreigners with a work visa, it is usually not a tourist reason for entering Thailand.

But there are still some questions about the tourist tax. Among other things, it has not yet been finally clarified whether the tax only applies to passengers entering Thailand. It is conceivable that the tourist arrival fee of 300 Thai Baht in the room would also have to be paid when entering the country by sea or land.

For most tourists from Germany or other European countries, the soon to come tourist tax should not pose a problem and will in no way lead to them choosing another travel destination, such as Vietnam. Because the flight from Europe to Thailand already costs several hundred euros, the additional 8.35 euros tourist arrival fee is really not noticeable. And besides, many vacationers are already used to paying a small tourist tax. Anyone who has perhaps ever vacationed on German islands in the North Sea or Baltic Sea (Sylt, Amrum, Usedom, etc.) knows what we are talking about. Only with the difference that there is usually a flat rate per day and a three-week holiday has to be paid more than if you only spend two to three days on the island over the weekend.

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