Corona entry restrictions: Thai travelers returning from abroad have been exempt from using the “Thailand Pass” since June 1st, 2022.

For a long time now, everyone who has entered Thailand from abroad has had to register online in advance using a Thailand passport and upload personal information such as Covid-19 vaccination certificates and health insurance coverage to the state online system. This was one of the requirements for a successful entry into Thailand and applied to all travelers, i.e. foreigners as well as Thai citizens. For Thais, this has not been necessary for a few days now. For foreigners, on the other hand, nothing will change for the time being; foreign tourists must continue to upload the relevant evidence in their Thailand passport before entering Thailand.

Does the Thailand passport end completely at the end of June 2022?

However, there are increasing signs that foreign tourists will no longer have to use the Thailand passport for too long. This procedure is expected to be completely abolished by the end of the month and foreigners could enter Thailand as early as July 1, 2022 without first providing the Thai authorities with health insurance certificates and vaccination certificates online.