Thailand opens to international tourists from July 1st, 2021: Thailand vacation on Phuket possible without hotel quarantine!

Many Thailand fans from all over the world have probably been waiting for this news. The Thai government is sticking to its plans to open the country to international tourism and has announced that travel to Phuket will be possible again without major restrictions from July 1, 2021. Then the hotel quarantine that has been in place for months will no longer apply, which has so far prevented many holidaymakers from spending their holidays in Thailand.

Thailand vacation: No hotel quarantine on Phuket

However, the abolition of the hotel quarantine only applies to fully vaccinated people who enter Thailand with a current negative test result. And as I said, the new regulation will only apply to the popular holiday island of Phuket for the time being.

Other holiday regions could follow from July 15th

Of course, Thailand has much more to offer than Phuket, the largest island in Thailand and very popular with tourists. Phuket Island is located in the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand. With a length of about 50 km and a width of about 22 km, it is about 543 km² in size, making it Thailand’s largest island. A little further to the northeast in the Gulf of Thailand is the equally popular holiday island of Ko Samui and its neighboring islands of Ko Phangan and Ko Tao. Here they also look forward to Phuket. Because if the restart without quarantine on Phuket is successful, then the hotel quarantine on these three islands will probably also be eliminated from July 15th.

But be careful, don’t get excited too soon. The regulations could change at any time and of course it can also happen that the end of the hotel quarantine is postponed. Because Thailand is currently recording the highest number of new corona infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

Sunset longtail boat in the Gulf of Thailand

Sunset longtail boat in the Gulf of Thailand