German emigrants in Pattaya southeast of Bangkok – Documentary about life on the Gulf of Thailand. Several thousand Germans now live in the region around Pattaya.

What is life like in Pattaya, Thailand? The city on the Gulf of Thailand is located southeast of the capital Bangkok, is best known for its nightlife and is sometimes referred to as the shooter of Thailand.

It is probably no secret that Thailand is also a popular emigration destination for Germans. The country in Southeast Asia offers many different beautiful regions such as Chiang Mai in the north, the capital Bangkok and of course numerous islands such as Ko Samui or Phuket. Of course, German emigrants are also drawn to these regions, but life there is usually more or less unspectacular.

The seaside resort of Pattaya, Thailand’s entertainment paradise, may be completely different. And of course much more is reported about the countless bars, nightclubs and party-crazy foreign tourists than about the beautiful beaches of Pattaya.

Pattaya: The Ballermann of Thailand?

Admittedly, there are far more bars and nightclubs in Pattaya than perhaps on the island of Ko Samui. And yes, in Pattaya you can party really well and enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. However, it is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. A comparison with the Ballermann in Mallorca is appropriate here, at least to some extent.

Because if, for example, you last spent a wild party holiday at Ballermann 15 years ago, you will definitely be disappointed if you spend a few days at Ballermann again. Because the times when you could do it uninhibitedly and practically without rules or restrictions at Ballermann are over for a few years now.

And the situation is similar in Pattaya. The following video is of course interesting, but at the same time it has to be mentioned that it must have been a while since the video about Pattaya was filmed.

But it still applies: Pattaya is definitely worth a trip and life in Pattaya is definitely good for German emigrants.