Wealthy expatriates should also check out the Thailand Elite program. In many cases, rich foreigners do not pay any taxes in Thailand.

When it comes to global tax havens and tax havens, many people think of countries in the Caribbean or Central America. But there are many more countries around the world where you pay little or no tax. Even the USA is one of these countries. Just like Thailand in Southeast Asia. Compared to Germany, Thailand is characterized first of all by better weather, nicer beaches and cheaper living costs. It is therefore not surprising that Thailand is one of the most popular long-haul travel destinations. In addition, Thailand is also a popular destination for expats.

Relaxed life under palm trees: German pensioners and dropouts in Thailand

The typical image of the German emigrant in Thailand is usually the pensioner who spends his retirement in sunny Thailand and has his pension sent from Germany to Southeast Asia. Many younger emigrants who came to Thailand with a few thousand euros in their luggage often start a business in the tourism or gastronomy sector. Or they simply let themselves be carried away and live the day. And then one day they realize that all savings have been used up.

But there is another way: A small group of very wealthy emigrants come to Thailand for reasons of tax optimisation. Or should one say better for reasons of tax avoidance?

Secret tax haven Thailand

Anyone who now thinks of illegal trickery is completely wrong. It’s all perfectly legal. Because unlike in Germany, a tax model based on the principle of territorial taxation prevails in Thailand. This means that Thailand only pays limited tax on income earned abroad or this income from abroad is completely tax-free, provided that the income is not imported into Thailand in the same year in which it was earned.

And that can be, for example, investment income, rental income, stock market profits from day trading or income from an online business (advertising income, sales of digital products, etc.).

This may sound complicated at first, but it is not at all.

Thailand Elite Program Website Screenshot

Thailand Elite Program Website Screenshot

Requirement: Investment in Thailand of at least US$1 million

But very few will be able to enjoy tax exemption in Thailand. Because you first have to bring a lot of money with you in order to be able to benefit from the tax exemption in Thailand. It should be at least one million dollars that you invest in real estate, for example. But then you can move your center of life to Thailand and deregister in Germany. A five-year visa is available for a few thousand euros and even a work permit is possible

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