Attention Thailand vacationers: Tourism in Thailand is slowly being ramped up. Long-term tourists will soon be able to apply for a visa.

The Thai government plans to open the country to foreign tourists. First of all, this is a positive signal, after all, tourism has come to an almost complete standstill since March 2020 due to the corona pandemic. So is it starting again? Yes and no, because Thailand will only issue visas for long-term tourists for the time being.

Thailand long-term visa for 90 days and 2x extendable

Accordingly, the visa should be valid for 90 days. In addition, you should be able to extend the long-term visa twice. So it would be possible to stay in Thailand for a maximum of 270 days. And without having to leave the country in the meantime.

There is also initial information on the costs for the long-term visa. Accordingly, the 90-day long-term Thai visa will cost 2,000 baht. At the current exchange rate of EUR/THB, the long-term visa costs around 54 euros.

The first long-term vacationers in Thailand should therefore be able to start their vacation this year, possibly even at very short notice in October.

14 days quarantine for long-term tourists

However, one important note about the long-term visa is still missing, which applies to all tourists who are now considering a long-term stay in Thailand:

Upon arrival in Thailand, you must go into state quarantine for 14 days. And only after two weeks can the actual holiday in Thailand begin. However, if you plan to stay in Thailand for a maximum of 270 days, the 14-day quarantine should certainly not deter you from a long-term vacation in Thailand.