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Thailand is expected to introduce a tourist tax from mid-2023

Due when entering Thailand by plane: Thailand is expected to introduce a tourist tax from mid-2023. The Tourist Arrival Fee could come from June 1, 2023. The fact that Thailand is planning a tourist tax [...]

Thailand vacation: Visa-free entry for vacationers from Germany possible again

The Thai government has eased entry restrictions for holidaymakers from Germany, Austria and numerous other countries. Germans and Austrians can now enter Thailand again without a visa. Good news at the end of 2020 for [...]

Corona: Thailand opens up to long-term tourists

Attention Thailand vacationers: Tourism in Thailand is slowly being ramped up. Long-term tourists will soon be able to apply for a visa. The Thai government plans to open the country to foreign tourists. First of [...]

Corona: International tourism in Thailand only from October 2020?

Due to the corona virus, the government in Thailand has stopped the entry of foreigners for the time being. There is increasing evidence that tourism in Thailand will not be possible before October 2020. As [...]

Cost of living in Thailand

List of living costs: How much does a long-term stay in Thailand cost? You want to spend a longer time in Thailand as a long-term tourist? Or even emigrate to Thailand entirely? First of all, [...]

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