Due to the corona virus, the government in Thailand has stopped the entry of foreigners for the time being. There is increasing evidence that tourism in Thailand will not be possible before October 2020.

As in almost all other countries, the opening of the country in Thailand depends on various factors, including of course the development of corona infections. It is currently not possible for Europeans to enter Thailand. International airlines and Thai airlines such as Thai Airways are currently unable to fly tourists to Bangkok.

Thailand tourism probably only from October 2020

Experts believe that the most popular holiday destination in Southeast Asia may not open its borders to foreign tourists until October 2020. It should be noted that the opening of the country will most likely not happen nationwide at the same time. Popular Thai holiday islands such as Ko Samui and Ko Phangan may be the first to open to tourists. Samui, for example, is also extremely popular with long-term vacationers who want to bring Thailand back into the country as quickly as possible. Due to their location, the islands mentioned also offer significantly better opportunities to isolate the affected region in the event of another outbreak. In this case, all air and sea communications would be cut off and the island would be cut off from the outside world.

Phuket, on the other hand, also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, could only be opened to tourists later. Because the region around Phuket currently has the highest corona rate of all Thai provinces.

Chaweng Beach Ko Samui

Chaweng Beach Ko Samui