Despite Corona, Thailand is a popular emigration destination for Germans. Even though the number of emigrants from Thailand has dropped significantly during the Corona pandemic: Despite Corona, emigration is still possible.

It’s February and in Germany, winter storm Tristan recently brought icy temperatures and lots of snow, especially in northern Germany. But if this were not enough, Germany is still in lockdown. A return to normal is currently not really foreseeable, even if the number of corona cases is showing a downward trend.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stay in warm Thailand instead of in wintry Germany, or ideally to emigrate directly to Thailand? Although this is currently associated with significantly more hurdles, it is not completely impossible.

A prominent example of emigration to Thailand during the global corona pandemic is the actress Xenia Seeberg, who emigrated to Thailand with her son at the end of 2020.

After entering Thailand, staying in a corona quarantine hotel is still mandatory

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just flying to Thailand for vacation or want to emigrate to Thailand: First of all, you have to go into state-ordered corona quarantine for the first few days after entering the country. And of course it’s not free. Here you should plan an additional 1,000 euros per person. Das Corona-Quarantänehotel muss übrigens vor Ankunft in Thailand gebucht werden.

But what exactly does this mandatory quarantine mean when you enter Thailand?

Interview with a German yoga teacher: What is it like being in corona quarantine in a hotel in Bangkok for 16 days?

There are many different reasons to emigrate to Thailand

Some are drawn to Thailand for love. Others want to spend their retirement years in warm Thailand. And still others want to start a business in Thailand or shoot another location with an existing business in Thailand. Here is an interesting article on about a company founder who emigrated to Thailand:

Start-up capital lasts longer in Thailand – office relocated to Chiang Mai

However, if you now have the idea of ​​emigrating to Thailand, starting a business there and not having to work in Thailand overnight, you should perhaps reconsider your plans to emigrate. Even if the cost of living in Thailand is cheaper than in Germany: The money earns itself in Thailand only in the very rarest of cases.

Airplane above the clouds

Airplane above the clouds