Thailand & Corona: Shortened quarantine for vaccinated people – Thailand is gradually opening up to foreign tourists and emigrants if they have already received a corona vaccination.

It has been very difficult for foreigners to enter Thailand since last year. For several months, entry was almost impossible, at least the purpose of the trip had a touristic background. Holidays in Thailand have not been possible for quite a while.

But meanwhile a holiday in Thailand is possible again. However, only in connection with a two-week quarantine in one of the numerous quarantine hotels. Appropriate hotels with daily corona tests and medical care naturally have their price. And if you need a little more luxury, there are of course more expensive luxury quarantine hotels in Thailand.

Doch nun zeichnet sich ab, dass Ausländer, die bereits die Corona-Impfung erhalten haben, nur eine verkürzte Quarantäne absolvieren brauchen. The discussion is that vaccinated travelers will then only have to spend 7 days in quarantine instead of 14 days. Incidentally, this also applies to the group of people who have recovered, i.e. who have already had a corona infection.

The shortened quarantine rule for vaccinated people entering Thailand is expected to come into force from April 2021.

However, the vaccination must then have been carried out within the last three months before entering Thailand.

Experts assume that Thailand will continue to open up to tourism in the coming months.

Kings Garden Resort Chaweng Ko Samui

Kings Garden Resort Chaweng Ko Samui