Thailand: Full opening for international tourism expected from October 2021. If the corona pandemic in Thailand remains under control, all corona restrictions could then also be ended.

Again positive news from Bangkok: After there is currently movement in Thailand regarding entry and quarantine rules and a possible relaxation of the 14-day quarantine for foreigners will be implemented shortly, what so many foreigners have been waiting for follows:

From October 2021, Thailand could open up completely to international tourism and at the same time end all corona restrictions.

Provided, of course, that the rate of infection remains at a very, very low level, as it has been in recent months and since the beginning of the global pandemic. And of course the nationwide vaccination campaigns must also continue to be implemented successfully. At the moment, however, this could falter a bit. Because just like other countries, Thailand is currently suspending vaccinations with the vaccine from AstraZeneca.

Chaweng Beach Ko Samui

Chaweng Beach Ko Samui

RKI: Thailand not a risk area

According to the Robert Koch Institute, Thailand is still not a corona risk area. This has the advantage that travelers returning from Thailand have no restrictions or obligations such as quarantine or a corona test.

This should then mean that not only long-term travelers or people willing to emigrate travel to Thailand, but also the “broad mass of working Thailand vacationers” who want to spend two, three or four weeks on a carefree dream vacation under palm trees.

In any case, flights to Bangkok and hotels in Thailand will be available in sufficient numbers when, if everything goes according to plan, Thailand will be fully open to international tourism from autumn 2021.