Thailand is currently recording a rapid increase in new corona infections. With over 1,300 new cases in 24 hours, Thailand is currently recording more new corona cases than at any time since the pandemic began.

Thai authorities are on alert. Because Thailand may be facing a major COVID-19 outbreak if appropriate countermeasures are not taken. The number of daily new infections with the corona virus is at its highest level since the pandemic began.

But not only the government has every reason to worry. The tourism sector in particular, i.e. basically all companies and service providers that are even remotely connected to the tourism sector, are following the current corona development in Thailand very closely. After all, it is about the existence of countless companies, employees and their families who are dependent on foreign tourists.

Great Palace in Bagkok

Great Palace in Bagkok

While around 40 million visitors came to Thailand in 2019, there were not even 7 million tourists in 2020. And the entire tourism industry in Thailand is counting on a fresh start soon. But the big question remains: when will the government lift some of the restrictions like quarantine? And could the current corona development jeopardize the timetable for restarting tourism in Thailand?

In any case, the authorities have already taken various measures: travel restrictions in numerous provinces and home office for civil servants, provided that the area of ​​​​activity allows this.