According to experts, the tourism industry in Thailand could only recover significantly from the corona pandemic from 2026. The Thai government is also assuming a similar time horizon.

The tourism industry in Thailand is one of the most important economic sectors in the Southeast Asian country and is responsible for around 20 percent of total economic output. And around seven million people are employed in tourism or work in areas that are closely linked to the tourism industry. And with a total population of around 72 million inhabitants, the proportion of people employed in tourism is correspondingly high.

Tourism authorities and economic experts therefore assume that the Thai tourism industry will not normalize noticeably before 2026. After around 40 million visitors in 2019, around 7 million visitors followed in 2020 and the forecasts for 2021 also look rather bleak. It can be assumed that the downward trend will continue for the current year 2021.

But at the moment, things are looking rather tense with the current number of corona cases. With around 3,000 new infections confirmed every day, Thailand is currently at the highest level of new corona infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, the government is sticking to its plans to open up tourism and the quarantine obligation for foreign tourists that has been in place for months will no longer apply to selected destinations from July 2021.

Ko Phangan Haad Rin Beach

Ko Phangan Haad Rin Beach