Corona in Thailand: Hardly any new infections and yet Thailand is considered a risk area.

The federal government has updated its list of corona risk areas. Travel within Europe is therefore considered safe again. For the rest of the world, travel warnings continue to apply for the most part and well over 100 countries are still considered risk areas. Including Thailand. According to the federal government, there is still a high corona risk in both Asian countries, just like Vietnam.

But does the current corona risk assessment of Thailand and Vietnam really correspond to reality? Many economic experts, including Germans living in Thailand or Vietnam, do not share the federal government’s risk assessment and cannot understand why Thailand is still considered a risk area.

Hardly any new corona infections in Thailand and Vietnam

The governments of Thailand and Vietnam seem to have got the further spread of the corona virus under control and have been on the right track for some time. For example, there are significantly fewer new infections in both countries compared to many European countries. Vietnam in particular was one of the first countries outside of China to react quickly and get the further spread under control with a complete lockdown. The result: a total of less than 500 corona cases and no deaths. Not one. And no new infections have been registered in Vietnam for almost two months.

China, on the other hand, is not on the risk list. And this despite the fact that there seems to be a major new corona outbreak in Beijing at the moment. Whole districts are currently cordoned off, thousands of people are in quarantine and freedom of travel and movement is currently severely restricted again….

Airplane above the clouds

Airplane above the clouds