Corona in Thailand: border opening before 2021 rather unlikely – an autumn or winter holiday in Thailand does not seem to be possible at the moment.

According to the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Foreign Office, Thailand is still a corona risk area. However, it is not forbidden to travel to a risk area; various regulations regarding corona tests and quarantine only apply when returning to Germany. And a trip to a risk area may also affect international medical insurance cover.

And yet the tourism sector in Thailand is still completely on the ground. International tourism is still not possible and has plunged the popular holiday destination in Southeast Asia into a severe economic crisis.

While many other countries are cautiously and gradually ramping up tourism again, there is no sign of the much-needed foreign tourists returning. And it gets even worse, because the 2020 season may be completely over. Because the rumors are growing that Thailand will wait and see and will not open its borders in 2020. At least for mass tourism and the many backpackers from all over the world.

The government therefore wants to continue to act very restrictively. A possible reopening or a corresponding, even approximate date is currently not known.

Haad Rin Quen Ferry Ko Samui - Ko Phangan

Haad Rin Quen Ferry Ko Samui – Ko Phangan

No tourism restart on selected islands?

About a month ago, an idea was discussed that international tourism could be ramped up again on some islands in the near future. However, this is no longer the case. Probably because there have been increased cases of corona in numerous other countries after a restart in tourism, for example in New Zealand, but also in European holiday regions such as Spain or Croatia.

Corona consequences – Thailand in August 2020