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Thailand 2023 prices and changes for living and holidays in Thailand

Thailand 2023 Prices and changes for living and vacationing in Thailand: This is how expensive Thailand will be in 2023 in terms of accommodation and living expenses for emigrants and vacationers. Practically everything is [...]

Russian citizens are buying condominiums in Phuket on a grand scale

Here to stay: Russian citizens are buying condominiums in Phuket on a grand scale. Business with Russians on Phuket has been booming since the Russian attack on Ukraine. Russian tourists have already traveled to [...]

Germans in Pattaya – Documentary about life in the Gulf of Thailand

German emigrants in Pattaya southeast of Bangkok - Documentary about life on the Gulf of Thailand. Several thousand Germans now live in the region around Pattaya. What is life like in Pattaya, Thailand? The city [...]

Life in paradise: This is how Germans live in Thailand

Many Germans emigrate to Thailand every year. But what is life like in Thailand? Those who emigrate to Thailand live in paradise, have significantly lower living costs than in Europe and of course only have [...]

Affordable living in Thailand

Do you want to emigrate to Thailand and live cheaply in Thailand? Then you should familiarize yourself with the cost of living in Thailand in advance. Where in Thailand should you go? That's the first [...]

Living in Thailand as a pensioner

More and more pensioners are moving abroad. Thailand is now also a popular destination for German-speaking pensioners. The reasons why more and more retirees are drawn to Thailand include the warm temperatures and, of course, [...]

Everyday life in Pattaya: German emigrants in Thailand

Thailand emigration: What is everyday life like for emigrants in Pattaya? Is it really just sun, sand and a cheap life in Thailand when you emigrate to Pattaya? This video, admittedly a bit outdated and [...]

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German pensioners in Thailand

Warm and cheap: German pensioners are increasingly migrating to Thailand and spending their retirement in paradise. The weather in Thailand is better than in Mallorca and the cost of living is significantly cheaper than in [...]

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