As a German, Austrian or Swiss citizen, how do I find work in Thailand? Do I need a work permit?

If you want to emigrate to Thailand and are looking for a job or want to become self-employed in Thailand, then there are a few things to consider. It’s not as easy as in Germany, for example, where you simply go to the trade office, register your business for 25 euros and get started straight away. Even as an employee, it is often not that easy in Thailand if you are looking for a job as a foreigner.

Use job portals & build a network

If you are looking for a Jom as an employee in Thailand, then you should definitely visit the relevant job portals such as, Stepstone, Indeed or Kimeta in advance.

But networks like LinkedIn and XING can also be helpful if you are looking for a job in Thailand. Both networks have numerous Thailand groups in which you can make important contacts with local entrepreneurs and decision-makers in addition to job offers.

Working in Thailand as a foreigner: This is something to consider as an employee or self-employed