Serious setback in terms of corona containment in Thailand: Within a few days, over a thousand infected people were registered at the country’s largest seafood market.

Bad news from Bangkok just before Christmas: There was a major corona outbreak at the Mahachai Market, Thailand’s largest seafood market. The market in question is located on the southwestern outskirts of Bangkok. According to official sources, workers from the fishing industry, especially guest workers from Myanmar, are said to be responsible for the corona outbreak.

Curfew and lockdown around seafood market

The authorities have now imposed a strict curfew and lockdown around the market and have carried out extensive corona tests in the region concerned.

Seafood Market Mahachai Market Bangkok

The Seafood Market is a busy and popular market on the outskirts of Bangkok. The following video is a few years old, but offers a very good overview of the daily hustle and bustle at the seafood market.

Video Mahachai Seafood Market

Location Mahachai Market

This is where the seafood market is located, where the current Corona outbreak occurred.